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     Tonz of Drumz was started in 1993 by DJ Curious? as a mixtape series that documented the sound of Drum N' Bass/Jungle music and its changes over the last 5 years.
     By 1997, Tonz of Drumz was transformed into its own label and production company, providing listeners with original material from some of the best Drum N' Bass djs/producers on the Pacific Coast.
     Current releases are available in CD and limited dup-plates, but vinyl releases by CRS? and R.A.W. are due to press in 1999.

Spectr - Visual Junglism
     Our first CD release, "A New Beginning", contains 8 tracks by CRS?, Ruffneck Alliance (S.D.), and M.C. All-Terrain. Our second CD release, "Herbn' Music" (available Oct. 98'), features ragga style tracks by CRS?, R.A.W., One-3, and Visionary.
     Our goal is to provide listeners with original material from Tonz of Drumz artist specializing in the Hip-Hop, Reggae, Jazz, Soul, Jungle, and technical Drum N' Bass musical genres.

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